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pilot preview

1917 America Enters the War

The series pilot takes viewers back to the political events of Early 20th century Europe that resulted in the outbreak of World War 1. Using rare archive footage "Conflict" portrays the early battles of the war and explores the geopolitical forces that led to the involvement of the United States of America.

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Trench Warefare World War 1

1914 The Beginning

This episode covers the first year and a half of World War I, beginning in the summer of 1914 to the end of 1915. On August 4th, the German army enters Belgium and a month later have pushed to within 50 kilometers of Paris. It is here on the banks of the Marne River that the French Commander, Joffre wins a great victory...

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Trench Warfare World War 1


This episode covers one of the bloodiest battles of all time. The purpose of the German attack on Verdun in 1916 was admittedly to bleed the French army into defeat. The German high command knew that the French would fight to the death rather than surrender the fortress. In February of 1916, the Germans began the battle...

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Trench Warfare World War 1

1917 America Enters the War

The events in Europe and America, from 1916 to America's entry into World War I in 1917 are covered in the pilot episode. Footage of the Battle of Jutland, the only major sea battle of World War I, the Somme offensive of 1916, the Russian revolution, and the war in the air is intercut with life in America at this time...

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Allied Troops World War 1

Allied Victory

In June of 1917, after three years of war and heavy casualties, the French army is at the point of mutiny. General Petain replaces Nivelle and brings order to the situation. In the Middle East, General Allenby defeats the Turks and enters Jerusalem on December 9th, 1917. The American force under General Pershing...

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German Troops in Poland World War 2

1939 Back to the Brink

This episode is a detailed look at the first battle of the Second World War. Newsreel footage gives a glimpse of Poland and particularly the city of Warsaw, before the German bombing, invasion and occupation. Through rare German propoganda newsreels, we see the Nazi justification for invading Poland...

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German Troops in Poland World War 2

Battle of France

The bulk of the German forces and most of the tank divisions are hidden in the Ardennes under the command of General Guderian, and they will crash out, take Sedan and make a right angle turn for the Channel ports, cutting off the allied armies. The plan succeeds perfectly. The German Blitzkrieg rolls over the French...

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German Troops in Europe World War 2

Occupation of Europe

The French High Command is paralyzed by the swiftness of events and can offer no defence to the German tanks and dive bombers that spread panic and confusion among the retreating soldiers and civilians. Gamelin, the French Commander, is replaced by General Weygand, the 72 year old hero of the First World War. He gave...

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Royal Aire Force Spitfires World War 2

The Battle of Britain

This episode examines through French eyes the epic defense of Great Britain by less than a thousand young pilots of the Royal Air Force in the summer of 1940. After the fall of France Hitler occupied the whole of the Western European coastline and his forces were massed across the English Channel facing the southern...

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Battle of the Atlantic German U-Boat World War 2

The Battle of the Atlantic

The most dangerous and hardest fought campaign that Britain faced in the Second World War was the war at sea; the cold, grey war of the North Atlantic. Churchill admitted that in the course of the entire war the only thing that really frightened him was the menace of the German U-boats. Admiral Doenitz, leader of...

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British Tanks in Africa World War 2

The Battle in The Desert

The cruelest testing ground for the British army in the Second World War was that expanse of sandy desert that stretched a distance of over 600 miles between Libya and Egypt. Known to the soldiers of the 8th British army as the "Western Desert", it was the scene of some of their worst moments, and later, some of...

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Russian Troops Battle of Moscow World War 2

The Battle of Moscow

The Battle of Moscow is the name given by Soviet historians to two periods of strategically significant fighting on a 600km sector of the Eastern Front during World War ll. lt took place between October 1941 and January 1942. The Soviet defensive effort frustrated Hitler's attack on Moscow, the largest Soviet city...

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British Troops Battle of Italy World War 2

The Battle for Italy

After the Germans and the Italians had been driven out of North Africa, the continent of Europe lay ahead in the sights of the Allied military planners. Wiston Churchil, the British Prime Minister, wanted to strike next through southern Europe which he considered the soft under-belly of the German occupied continent...

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Battle of Stalingrad World War 2


Many great battles were fought in Europe in the course of the Second World War, but none were to prove more decisive than that battle fought on the Eastern front, on the banks of the Volga. The Battle of Stalingrad. In spite of the checks to their offensive on Moscow the previous year, the Germans gathered a huge force...

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Air War in Europe World War 2

Killing of Eagles

This episode explore the largest aerial battles ever fought and contains some of the best authentic aerial combat film sequences ever filmed over Europe. Great care was taken in the selection of U.S.A.F., R.A.F. and Luftwaffe material to show the true picture of the desperate struggle waged by the three Air...

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USS Hornet Battle of Midway World War 2

The Battle of the Pacific

The emergence of modern Japan before the Second World War was a mixture of two cultures; one medieval and based on tradition and Emperor worship, and the other the new industrial and scientific techniques of the West. The two formed an explosive imperialism which was first experienced in the invasion of China in the 1930's...

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British Troops BAttle of Italy World War 2

Conquest of the Pacific

Following the capture of Guadalcanal, the Americans begin to push back the enemy all across the vast front of the Pacific. Jumping from island to island, a series of bloody battles take the soldiers and marines ever closer to the Japanese homeland. But at a terrible cost. At Tarawa, an island only 800 yards long and...

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Amerian Troops Normandy World War 2


The enormous undertaking of an Allied landing in occupied Europe had been the problem facing the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Allied armies since the fall of France. The hard-pressed Russians had been urging an invasion to open a western front since 1941. With strong German forces still in position along the Atlantic...

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Battle of the Bulge World War 2

Assault on the Reich

At the end of l944 the Allied armies in the West had reached the frontiers of Germany. In the East, the Russians had been halted outside Warsaw. It was in the West that the next military crisis would arise. General Eisenhower's forces had fought their way northward from the invasion beaches in Normandy, and now...

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Russian Front World War 2

Battle on Two Fronts

Although Hitler had made his main effort in the Ardennes, he had also launched a second offensive on the southern end of the front, in Alsace. Strasbourg, which had only been liberated a few weeks previously, was now about to fall back into German hands. The American general commanding the sector was ordered to pull out...

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Fall of Berlin World War 2

Fall of Berlin

The final apocalypse comes when Russian guns shatter all that remains of the German capital. Hitler commits suicide alongside his recent bride and other Nazi officials also kill themselves while the ruins of Berlin are turned into an inferno. Although the remaining Chiefs of the German Armed Forces had had already...

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Yalta Conference World War 2


In February of l945, the three allied wartime leaders met at Yalta in the Crimea to discuss the final defeat of Germany and plan the future of postwar Europe. Stalin, whose troops had already liberated most of Eastern Europe, was determined to retain control of these countries after the war. Churchill wanted some...

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British Troops Battle of Italy World War 2

Korea & The Cold War

The invasion of South Korea by North Korean troops demands swift American intervention. Under the command of the American General MacArthur, a combined United Nations force soon pushes the North Koreans back to the 38th Parallel. In spite of the threat of Chinese intervention, General MacArthur invades North Korea...

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Amrican Troops Vienam War


In 1952, war was raging throughout Asia. In Indochina, the French had been entangled in a seemingly endless guerilla war against the strong Vietminh organization. The Vietminh won a decisive victory over the French expeditionary defense force. The result of this victory was the creation of North Vietnam and led to the...

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Berlin Wall Cold War

Balance of Power

In l946, Churchill coined the phrase "Iron Curtain". Only a year after the end of the Second World War, the world was being divided into two enemy camps; East against West, communism against capitalism. Even before the fighting had ended Truman believed that communism would pose a great danger to the West and Russia...

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Trinity Test Worlds First Atomic Explosion

Life with the Bomb

The atom bomb which had brought about military victory over Japan was an American monopoly until l949, when Russia tested their first bomb. The arms race was on. Around the world a peace movement to "ban the bomb" was led by people like Picasso and collected millions of signatures. The world seemed close to war again...

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Soviet Missile Frieghter Cuban Missile Crisis

Back from the Brink Again

Another tense moment in the Cold War arrived in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy challenged the Russians to a complete withdrawal of their missile installations or face an American invasion of Cuba. After brinkmanship manuvering which brought the world close to a Nuclear War, the Russians...

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